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With Keeni, convert your PDF, Word and Google Docs into collaborative digital workflows to streamline business processes.

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1. Import Google Doc
or upload a Word/PDF docs to create a template for your procedure.
2. Add fillable elements and interactivity to your documents including checkboxes, dropdown menus and text responses.
3. Collaborate on documents interactively in real-time with your teams, partners and even your customers.

I knew that I wasn’t using process automation enough to help my business reach its full potential. Our team needed a better way to document business processes run operating procedures.

We started by turning our procedures into Word documents and then exporting them as a PDF. The problem though, is that a PDF is still a static document! It’s hard to keep a team on the same page (quite literally!) when everyone is working from a print out in a binder. Plus, have you ever run through a procedure from paper in the rain? Not ideal.

We would email the PDF or use a shared drive, but it was a far cry from real-time collaboration. Plus storing and organizing the “as-run” procedures for auditing purposes was fraught with human error.

I could go on and on about why things weren’t working for us trying to use basic business tools to run both our internal operations and our client’s complex launch operations. What we wanted was cloud software that would allow us to run our procedures interactively.

Seems simple enough right? Yeah we thought so too. We already have some of our documents created. We just need a way to run them interactively. Then we discovered that nothing exists.

We were glad to find that Keeni created software to address our company’s process issue. We love what Keeni built, we call it our “business process management software.” I know that there are many more companies that would benefit from this solution as well.

This is only the beginning, it is exciting to think about where Keeni is going as they work towards fully automating and modernizing various other antiquated business processes. That my friends is fully leveraging tech!

Ben Kellie
Founder and CEO of The Launch Company

business workflow management for enterprise

Why Streamline Workflows with SOP Software?

Digitizing workflows with modern software is the foundation for process automation in a business. With Keeni, upload or import your PDF, Word and Google docs and convert them into digital workflows.

Thriving businesses are removing human error from their operations and incorporating constant process improvement into their daily routines. Keeni helps organizations transition from procedures found on paper documents, or in spreadsheets, into a team-based and systematic approach. We provide the workflow management software your organization needs to optimize for a lean and efficient business operation.

Benefits to Business Process Management

After implementing workflow management successfully, business process management is the next logical focus area. It allows you to orchestrate your procedures, capture data about running them and ensures that all procedures are executed in the most optimal way possible. This is achieved by providing approval for operating procedures, real-time monitoring, business analytics, and APIs for enterprise system integration. It can then be easily digested in the provided dashboard.

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“Keeni, pronounced 'keen eye', was developed in collaboration by rocket engineers, aerospace technicians, and software experts to help diverse teams run procedures interactively with enterprise accountability. The platform combines years of lessons learned from the field with best practices for software dependability.”

Robb Kulin

Pricing for SOP Management Software

While our platform was designed for enterprises requiring electronic process management to launch rockets, our software’s flexibility and robustness can provide significant value to small and medium-sized organizations as they grow. Companies can start streamlining processes from the ground up and begin with our free plan for individuals, and progress into our Team and Enterprise plans.

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What is a Standard Operating Procedure?

A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a workflow specific to your operation that describes the activities necessary to complete tasks in accordance with industry regulations, provincial laws or even just your own standards for running your business. They are created and implemented by an organization to help workers carry out complex routine operations. Standard operating procedures aim to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance. They also are in place to reduce miscommunications and failures to comply with industry regulations.

business workflow management for enterprise business workflow management for enterprise