Standard Operating Procedure Software for Business Process Management

Running smooth business operations requires consistency within procedures. A lack of streamlined business operations negatively impacts business outcomes and results.

Have documented procedures? Keeni was originally created for enterprises requiring electronic process management to launch rockets and operate space vehicles. While not all of us have this use case, many of us have a need for documenting procedures and to be able to manage them through digital workflows.

Save Time Importing Existing Procedures

It can be challenging to get your documented procedures onboarded onto a new solution to manage them. With Keeni, we have lessened that barrier by improving the ease of uploading or importing your company’s procedures. Digitize your procedures by uploading a Word or PDF document or importing Google docs.

Accountability with Task Management

The only way to get consistent high-quality results is to create accountability. Whether you want to create accountability within internal teams or externally with a customer, Keeni provides the required task management functionality. Assign tasks to user groups or specific users and track progress in real-time.

Streamlined Version Control and Expedited Approval Processes

While you may only have one version of your standardized operating procedure now, in time you may need to make changes to it. With Keeni, you can easily create new versions of procedures, review them and approve the new versions seamlessly. Gone are the days of waiting for new versions of procedures to circulate via email to be reviewed and approved.

Flexible Team Management

For an organization to flourish, standard operating procedures cannot exist in a vacuum. Your procedures need to be accessible by all those who will use them. Keeni makes your procedures available to team members with flexible team management functionality, which provides the perfect assurance that team members will have the right permissions to get their job done successfully.

Built-in Security Functionality

Security isn’t a feature to discuss by itself, it is a core part of how we architect all the functionality of our software solutions. By putting security at the forefront of our development process, we not only deliver a better product, but we also deliver it in a highly secure matter that you can trust.

Centralized Auditing Records

It is essential to have comprehensive audit logs. Audit logs are the centralized record of all user activity within an account. Our operating procedures software captures every action, every login, every configuration change, and every transaction in the system. These logs are easily accessible for review and export for streamlined audits.

Brand Customization

Establish your own branding within Keeni’s procedure software and tailor its usage to effectively suit the needs of all end-users. The software application can match your brand and be customized accordingly.

Custom Deployment Options

Have more deployment requirements than our standard cloud-based environment provides? You may be looking for a single tenant deployment or an ITAR compliant solution. Depending on your use case, we have several deployment options to meet your requirements for security and compliance.