Run your procedures collaboratively, no matter how spread out your team and third-party stakeholders find themselves. The software does not require the user to refresh their application for procedure updates. Updates are pushed in real-time, across all devices, preventing miscommunication and wasted time. Whether running one instance of a procedure, or multiple, Keeni’s tools for enterprise-level accountability and collaboration ensures high-quality output and operational consistency.

Run operating procedures collaboratively with real-time updates. Track progress on procedures from a straight-forward dashboard. Easily assign tasks in procedures to team members and get notified when tasks are complete. Export to PDF to build lasting digital records for compliance.

Facilitate Real-time Collaboration

As smart documents, they can be shared and collaborated on. They have the ability to process electronic edits and changes from other users. They allow users to provide real-time comments to specific content and user responses. These updates are broadcast to other subscribed users to those documents so they can stay in-sync and take action when required.

Real-time Updates

Users can add Field Notes

When running a standard operating procedure, users with appropriate access can add field notes and make redline changes. Fields notes can easily be added to procedures allowing users to add free form associated with specific rows.

Redline changes

Users with access to make redline changes enable them to change the value of cells while the changes. Document comparison can be conducted - identifying the changes between the released version of the procedure and the version that was ran. Integrate learnings from field notes and redline changes to optimize future versions of the procedure.