Customized Brand Experience

We know your organization desires the capabilities to be able to put their own brand on our procedure software and tailor its usage to effectively suit the needs of your end-users. Accordingly, you can make the Keeni software application specific to your brand.

The major advantage of having unrestricted customization capabilities is that you can tailor our product to match your own brand. With Keeni you can customize the branding with your own logo. You can make your account operate on a subdomain or even your own custom domain. And it’s always nice when the formatting of date times is consistent across the applications in your organization.

Key Features to Customize our Procedure Software

Customize Branding with Your Logo

The best way to customize our software to match your brand is by easily customizing the branding with your logo. This replaces Keeni logo with your own organization's logo.

  • Replace the Keeni logo with your organization’s logo.
  • If a custom domain is enabled, the custom logo is also included on the login page.

Customize Branding with Custom Domains

Keeni allows you to configure our web-based software to be accessible via a subdomain or a custom domain. Instead of accessing the web-based software on our default subdomain of, access it via your own specified subdomain or custom domain.

  • Configure a Subdomain
    • Easy to configure a custom subdomain.
    • Example:
  • Configure a Custom Domain
    • Access our web-based software on your custom domain.
    • Example:
    • Required to make DNS updates to your domain which can be challenging for some organizations.

Customize Date & Time Formatting

With operating procedures and digital workflows, dates and times can be very important. Formatting them can make them easier to read and make tasks more actionable. Keeni allows the formatting of dates and times to be specified on an account-level as well as enables individual users to personalize their own preferences.

  • Customize the default formatting of dates and times for your account.
  • Chose from one of several formatting options or specify your own custom format.
  • Users can over-ride default account-level formatting with their own desired formatting for dates and times.