Digital Workflows

Simple Checklists

Complex Procedures

Make Your Procedures Actionable

Did you ever notice you can't add a clickable checkbox or dropdown menu to a Word document, Adobe PDF or Google Doc? It seems like such a basic functionality, and it's missing! This makes it difficult to track the progress and performance of your processes. Engagement with your procedures is critical to the success of your business. Keeni gives you all the functionality you need to make your business processes actionable, auditable, and compliant.

Reduce Human Error and Compliance Concerns

Running processes without operating procedure software leaves your organization vulnerable to miscommunication and human error. These issues potentially result in unnecessary hazards and can result in expensive failures and compliance concerns. Keeni reduces these risks. Keeni creates consistency and provides auditability, both of which are essential to scaling your business.

Save Time and Increase Team Performance

Essentially, smart documents are designed to save your users time. They enable more effective workflow and communication between different users. Editable fields, fillable form elements and instant document updates allow individuals and teams to work quicker with more streamlined processes available from any device or location.