Accountability with Task Management

The only way to get consistent high-quality results is to create accountability. Whether you want to create accountability with internal teams or externally with a customer, Keeni provides the required structure. You can easily assign tasks to user groups or specific users.

When procedures are run in operations, there is transparency of responsibilities and shared accountability. Team members can track the progress of tasks in real-time and subscribed users are notified of progress updates.

Task Management in our SOP Software

While editing the templates for your procedures, tasks can be assigned to a user group or flagged to be assigned to a specific user. When launching the procedure, then you will assign the user(s) to corresponding tasks.

Assign Tasks to Groups

If the same team members are responsible for multiple tasks in a procedure, then you can assign the tasks to a group. This makes assigning tasks extremely efficient when you have multiple tasks that are going to be assigned to the same user(s).

While editing the template for your procedure, you will assign multiple tasks to a user group. This Assign to Group functionality creates consistency and accountability.

When launching a procedure, you will assign one or more users to each group used in the template. Once users are assigned, you can run the procedure in your operations.

Assign Tasks to specific User(s)

When editing the template of a procedure in our template editor, you can flag that tasks that need to be assigned to specific users. You can only flag those tasks that need to be assigned to specific users.

When launching a procedure, you will then assign one or more users to each task.

Since procedures can have lots of tasks assigned to the same user(s), it is generally recommended to assign tasks to groups whenever possible.

Team Member Accountability

Team members assigned to tasks in a procedure are notified of their responsibilities. Other users with access to running procedures have visibility into everyone's responsibilities. Users can monitor progress and complete the required tasks.

When assigned users make updates to tasks, either checking a checkbox, providing a metric for a text field, etc., they are synchronized in real-time to all other users viewing the running procedure. Other users subscribed to the procedure are notified in real-time of the progress updates.

This level of accountability ensures procedures are completed on-time and successfully with reduced human error.