Manage Templates

We made it effortless to create procedure documents to eliminate any barriers in converting paper or manual workflows to digital processes. In anywhere from ten minutes to a half hour, someone with basic computer skills can develop a procedure document for the first time. Once procedures are up and running, Keeni makes it easy and fast for procedure improvements to get from the field to the office - building trust between teams and driving innovation. Quickly create structured documents for operating procedures with our intuitive interface. Review "as-run" procedures for redlines and improvements to future revisions. Structure your data with 10+ customized field types and make procedures actionable. Customize operator roles and responsibilities.

Make Your Documents Actionable Convert your toolkits and other documents into templates that can then be run by your team members and even your customers. Add checkboxes, radio buttons and dropdown menus for users to select a response. Insert text boxes to enable users to respond to specific questions. Engagement with your documents is critical to the success of your business.

Automation and AI to Standardize Procedures

Automate creating new and complex operating procedures into standard operating procedures. Imagine how artificial intelligence can give you superpowers to organize and control your processes. Keeni uses automation to help organizations build streamlined workflows to enhance productivity substantially and eliminate safety risks.

Template Editor

We created this platform to automate creating complex and new operating procedures into standard operating procedures. The document editor has been built to integrate smoothly with your daily workflow and increase your efficiency setting up procedures and running them. Fields are placed using drag-and-drop.

Templates are a great way of saving man-hours when frequently creating and running the same or similar procedures. Templates are created using the document editor and come with the same options as standard operating procedures.

Our simple interface lets you create structured documents in seconds. Intuitive keyboard shortcuts and drag and drop make it easy for anyone to use. Use Forms to Capture Structured Data Use forms to collect structured data in your checklists. Input data manually or have it sent to and from the apps you love. Rich Text Editor Better communicate your ideas and train your team by adding visual and audio aids Add Rich Content and Media Add rich media to your documents including images, videos and files