Version Control

While you may only have one version of your standardized operating procedure now, with time you may need to make changes to it. Versions allow you to make a new copy of the procedure and edit it without releasing it for your team to run in operations until your ready to do so.

Gone are the days of waiting for new versions of procedures in Word docs or PDF files to circulate via email or on a shared cloud drive to be reviewed and approved. The platform has flexible workflows from creating procedures to activating them so they can be easily integrated into your operations.

Versioning Procedures in our SOP Software

The template for a procedure contains the content of the procedure. Keeni has robust workflows for revisioning procedures to can create additional versions of the template. Once a version of the template for a procedure has been activated, it can be run in your operations.

Edit Templates that are Drafts

The template for a procedure starts in the draft status. When in the draft status, you can use our powerful template editor to edit the content and make your procedure actionable.

Review and Approve Templates that are Pending

When you are done editing a template, you can submit the version for review and approval. One or more team members can be specified to review the version of the procedure.

Schedule Release of Templates

Once a template for a procedure has been approved, it awaits its release. During this status, managers generally make sure their team members are aware of the changes to the procedure and are trained appropriately.

Run Procedures with Active Templates

Once a template version is released and activated, it is then the authoritative version for running procedures. Keeni enforces that were can only be one active version of the procedure template.

Archived Templates

When a new version or a procedure is activated, the currently active version will become Archived. Archived versions are locked. They can be viewed only.

Easily Create New Versions of Procedure Templates

Once you have at least one version of a procedure template, you can create your first revision. Keeni supports four methods of creating a new version.

  • Copy of Active version
    Create a new version by copying the currently active version of the template.
  • New Version from Document
    Create a new version by uploading a document such as a Word doc or Adobe PDF file.
  • New Version from Google Doc
    Create a new version by importing an updated copy of the procedure from a Google Doc.
  • Create a Blank Version
    The new version of the template will be blank and it will need to be created from scratch.

Once you have a new version of the procedure template, use our powerful template editor to make the procedure actionable and interactive.

Track Revision History

To provide more structure and context into the version control system, template versions can include a description and reason. These can be used to auto-populate the version history in a procedure.

  • The Description can be used to specify WHAT is going to be changed in this new version.
  • The Reason is WHY the change(s) need to happen.