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Create paperless workflows with real-time collaboration.

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Paper Procedures for Critical Workflows is Risky Business

Running critical workflows with paper procedures leaves your organization vulnerable to miscommunication and human error. These issues potentially result in unnecessary hazards to hardware and personnel, and can result in expensive failures and compliance concerns. Keeni’s electronic procedure software can help you reduce these risks.

real-time collaboration while running procedures in lean workflows and agile processes
real-time collaboration while running procedures in lean workflows and agile processes


Create and run digital versions of your procedures during operations collaboratively with team members anytime, anywhere, on any device. The best agile process management software for standard operating procedures.


While our platform was designed for enterprises requiring electronic process (eproc) management to launch rockets, its flexibility and robustness provides even more value to small & medium sized businesses.

lean operation workflows with digital procedures - eProcs

Procedures for Space and Beyond

Our platform was designed for enterprises requiring electronic process management to launch rockets. However, it can do more than launch rockets. From small businesses to larger enterprises, Keeni makes it easy to digitize your workflows and go paperless with your standard operating procedures.

new operating performance standards and compliance with best practices

Standardize Operations and Processes

Reduce miscommunication and failure to comply with internal policies and external regulations. Teams love the easy user experience and effortless communication. Watch the quality of output and uniformity of performance improve. Run procedures with both internal team members and external users.

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Agile Software Platform for Standard Operating Procedures

standard operating procedures for lean workflows and agile processes

Create Standard Operating Procedures with Templates

Keeni make it effortless to convert complex procedures into digital format. Templates are a great way to save your staff time when creating and running the same or similar procedures.

standard operating procedures for lean workflows and agile processes

Run Operating Procedures and Assign Users to Roles

Tasks get done when it’s clear who is responsible. Assign a user to a task or for any approvals. The process is visible to everyone involved with that procedure. The best part? User updates are automatically pushed to other user’s device, so your team is always working with the most up to data for the procedure.

standard operating procedures for lean workflows and agile processes

Users can Collaborate while Running Operating Procedures

When running a standard operating procedure, users with appropriate access can add field notes and make redline changes. Integrate learnings from the field to optimize future versions of the procedure. Put lean process management to action!

standard operating procedures for workflows and space processes

Create Revisions of Electronic Procedures with Version Control

Version control can be a nightmare. But it won’t be for you! The platform has flexible workflows from creating a new template, to releasing it, archiving it and replacing an active version with a new version.

What is a Standard Operating Procedure?

A standard operating procedure describes the activities necessary to complete tasks in accordance with industry regulations, provincial laws, or your own organization’s standards. These procedures are designed to help employees carry out complex routine operations. Standard operating procedures aim to achieve efficiency, quality output, and uniformity of performance, while reducing miscommunication or failure to comply with industry regulations.

Workflow Management Software for Electronic Procedures

lean operation workflows with digital procedures - eProcs

Lean Workflows

Digitizing standard operating procedures with Keeni will increase team efficiency, quality of output and uniformity of performance.

standard operating procedures for workflows and space processes


Synchronized interface ensures all team members are in-sync across devices including office workstations, laptops, and mobile smart phones.

flexible standard operating procedure templates

Flexible Templates

Convert your paper procedures into electronic procedures using our flexible template editor. Then run them with your teams.

agile operations with electronic procedures

Agile Operations

Run procedures with role-based sign-offs, conduct side by side version reviews, and incorporate red-line feedback into future versions.

Additional Capabilities to Support Your Organization

enterprise level support for help with paperless workflow management

24/7 Support for SOP Software Solution

Enterprise-level support available 24/7. Collaborate with us via chat, email and phone.

search and review history of operating procedures

Search and Review History of Operating Procedures

Powerful search capabilities to review completed and incomplete procedures.

detailed audit logs of operating procedures

Detailed Audit Logs of Procedure Operations

All updates to procedures are tracked including user, status and date times.

export procedures to PDF and Confluence

Export Procedures to PDF and Confluence

Export procedures to PDF or Confluence to support current workflows and processes.

data analytics to implement and optimize lean workflows for operations

Data Analytics for Optimization of Operations

Reporting available to learn and streamline operational workflows.

API integation for operating procedures with internal systems

API Integrations with SOP Software

Two-way API to integrate and automate Keeni into your internal systems.

ITAR compliant cloud solution for operating procedures

ITAR Compliant SOP Solution

Secure and scalable deployment options for ITAR compliance.

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