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We are excited to help our client’s transform their paper or manual processes into digital workflows on our cloud-based software platform. We are as passionate as you to drive innovative change - raising the bar on what defines organizational excellence. We are leaders in our space, providing best practices for digitizing standard operating procedures. Like you, we are building, learning, and iterating. If we can't answer your question in the Knowledge Base below, contact us 24/7 for support via email, phone or chat.

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How to Create and Run Operating Procedures

We are focused on providing a flexible platform that enables new and/or complex procedures to be standardized. Below are some of the support documentation we have written for you to make your job easier.

Create Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures (SOP) are written, step-by-step instructions that describe how to perform a routine activity. Employees should complete them in the exact same way every time so that the business can remain consistent. Standard operating procedures help maintain safety and efficiency. Learn more about creating and managing your standardized operating procedures:

Versions of Standard Operating Procedures

While you may only have one version of your standard operating procedure now, with time you may need to make changes to it. Versions allow you to make a new version of the procedure without releasing it for your team to run as a instances until your ready to do so. Learn more about creating and managing versions of your standard operating procedures:

Templates for Operating Procedures

We have templates for your standard operating procedures to make creating them and running them as instances both efficient and effective. Choose to create a SOP from one of our templates. Create and customize your procedure with predefined column templates. Even create templates to use with status inputs and user roles.

Running Standard Operating Procedures as Instances

A version of a SOP can be launched which creates an Instance. The instance is where your teams conduct the standard operating procedure as documented in the version that is currently active. Multiple instances of a version can be run independently. Learn more about launching and running instances of your standard operating procedures: